Singapore Airlines Business Class

Airbus A380 Singapore Airlines business class cabin

It isn’t every day that I get to fly business class, much less take it on board Singapore Airlines (SIA). So you could imagine how eager I was to experience it when I was offered the chance to fly to London recently in this part of the aircraft. What better way to fly halfway around the globe in the lap of luxury?

Airbus A330 Singapore Airlines business class cabin

Singapore Airlines supplies two kinds of business class service: the first is offered on medium-haul flights like those flown between Manila and Singapore. Note the roomy 2-2-2 seating arrangement on board this Airbus A330 aircraft, whereas a 2-3-2 pattern is observed by other airlines.

Singapore Airlines business class seat

If you think Singapore Airlines’ medium-haul business class service is luxurious enough, wait until you try its long-haul equivalent.

Another view of a Singapore Airlines business class seat

In this case, I boarded the upper deck of an Airbus A380 jet – devoted for this class alone – where a 34-inch leather-clad lie-flat seat awaited me, with a generous 55 inches of pitch thrown in. Each seat on board was fitted with a wide-screen LCD monitor plugged into the plane’s KrisWorld audio-video on demand (AVOD) entertainment system. In-seat AC power was also available, and so was Wi-Fi Internet.

Chicken curry lunch on board Singapore Airlines

Of course, each business class passenger was spoiled for choice when it came to mealtimes. Apart from the interesting menus offered to each of us, one could also avail of what the airline calls its Book the Cook service where main courses could be chosen in advance. I exercised this option on the homeward leg of the trip and asked for a Singaporean favourite: chicken curry.

Dim sum served in Singapore Airlines business class

The on board menus offered either Western or Asian cuisine for my fellow passengers and I to enjoy.

Tenderloin beef fillet served on board Singapore Airlines business class

I was impressed at how each course of our meal was served separately, all on fine china and silverware.

Fruit and cheese platter served on board Singapore Airlines business class

To end my meal, I was offered a cheese platter or a sweet, or both if I wanted to.

After the meal service was over, the cabin crew converted the forward upper deck galley of the Airbus A380 into a self-service snack bar, where passengers could grab candy bars, crisps, biscuits, water, and soft drinks to while away the time while waiting for the plane to arrive at its destination. You can even order cup noodles if you want to, which will be served on a porcelain bowl, as mine was when I asked for it.

The cabin crew service could be summarised in just one word: superb.